Travel without money

travel without money

Travel without money is very funny things. But is it really possible to travel without money? So the answer is almost yes.But you know that nothing is free.In return you have to give something like time or hard work.

Travel without money

People’s passion about traveling is increasing day by day.First of all, travelling is not completely free. Travel can be done for less money but not completely free.Some travelling hacks can definitely save your money.There are some ways where you can now earn money while traveling.Like teaching your skills to others while traveling around the world,By taking help of social media,Sharing small traveling tips with people on social media platforms is one of the best way to earning with travelling.

Traveling as a Volunteer.

Become a volunteer and do things in the group and guide the group for proper travel planning you can do this as a volunteer.It is one of the best option for travel without money.

Work Exchange

A place where you get paid for doing your work, like we do household work every day. It is one of the best option for travel without money.

Tour Guide

By becoming a guide in a travel agency.Giving information about a famous place to the tourist and explaining it to them in a foreign language.It is one of the best option for travel without money.You can do this work as a tour guide in travel agencies.

Social Media Influencer

By paid promotion and sharing videos on social media. Making videos on youtube,instagram and through monetization social media account and being a vlogger  you can earn a wealty amount.

Travel without money

You can travel around the world by working with the help of Worldpacker and WorkAway in this famous agency. In return, you will have to teach people new skill that you know well.By becoming a volunteer.You will benefit by doing this. There will be traveling and people will get to learn something new because of you.By becoming a tour guide in a travel agency, you can guide people in a good way of famous travelling spots and communicate in foreign language.

These are all ways to travel with less money.Like I said, traveling can be done with less money but not for free. Less money means some money will be spent. It’s a fact Nothing is available for free in the world.Like watching a web series on Netflix.You think you watched for free but in return you gave him your precious time.

As you understand that traveling can be “almost” free. I said “almost”, not completely.Now it’s clear on your mind.Nowadays you must be seeing it on Instagram also. The many reels of traveling keep coming. By following such accounts, you can learn some skills from them and travel,Or you can also get information about traveling with the help of YouTube.

You can make your own journey by taking all the information from the YouTube given below.

  • Aakasha Monga
  • Pratik Jain Vlog
  • Tanya Khanijow
  • Indian backpacker

Travel without money

By watching all these videos, you will get information and you can learn something from it and can start your own smart travelling journey. There are many people in the world who go out alone or with a group for travelling and exploring the amazing things in the world.If you also want to become a traveler, then first you will feel lonely because you have gone out of the house alone to know the world.You will face many problems on the way. Will meet new people.But you will start feeling good and your capacity will increase. Slowly you will start understanding the world.So without wasting much time, get out of the house and start your own journey by taking small small steps.Because we don’t know how much time we have left.



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