Best places to visit in USA

10 Best places to visit in USA.If you want to visit America. But if you don’t know which place to go then you can go to these places.The place given below is famous all over the world for tourist attraction.

1) New York City

It is first tourist attraction point Best places to visit in USA. It is jewel in crown of the USA when it comes to urban areas, New York is a megacity that is absolutely fully packed of iconic places areas and buildings.There is center park, Empire state building, Grand central station,Time square even there “Five Boroughs” that make up NYC more famous. In fact, sometimes it feels like you are walking through familiar territory to how city features in Hollywood films. New York culture like Koreatown, multiple Chinatown, little Italy and communities from African American make New York a true world city made rich by the people who have flocked here from all over the world.

Best places to visit in USA

2) San francisco

Best places to visit in USA

It is beautiful city in the northern California Best places to visit in USA that is famous for a lot of things. Golden gate bridge is the city’s number one attraction. Tourist can drive, bike ride or walk across this famous suspension bridge to admire and photography stunning views.San Francisco monsoon other words also like the “city by the bay’ “fog city”.San Francisco is ranked as one of the most expensive city to live in United state is because of Limited supply.there is high demand for homes because everyone wants to live there.

Best places to visit in USA

3)Las Vegas

Las Vegas city in the middle of dessert in Nevada.
Las Vegas famous for casinos. On the main street of Las Vegas called the strip. There are Bellagio impressive fountain shows. Eiffel tower and Egyptian pyramid, amongst other landmarks

Best places to visit in USA

4) Aspen

Aspen Colorado is the place to go for skiing in the USA.Four seperate skiing areas like Aspen highlands,Ajax Mountain, buttermilk and snowmass this make it frosty playground for winter Aspen exploded as a silver mining town in late 19th century.

Best places to visit in USA

5) Atlanta

Atlanta is a capital of Georgia and it is one of the largest city of Georgia.Atlanta is a sprawling city with three urban skylines. It is established as a railroad terminus in 1837. The city’s top attractions are the CNN center world of coca- cola and the Georgia aquarium which features world’s largest indoor aquarium.

6) Yosemite National park

Yosemite National park is world famous park become the iconic hangout for keen wildness hiker.yosemite is high on many bucket -list with people drawn on its dramatic scenery and beautiful wildlife, powerful waterfalls and jaw dropping cliffs.

7) San Antonio

The jewel of Texas,san antonio is the city steeped in both rich history and morden day appeal. San Antonio located in south central Texas,this city is one of the largest in the United States. It is known as the home to Alamo. Another of San Antonio’s most visited attractions is the riverwalk

Best places to visit in USA


Sedona located in the north central part of Arizona the town of sedona is known for its art scene & spiritual retreat. However sedona’s most popular attraction is the breathtaking array of red sandstone. Attracting artist, spiritual seekers and outdoor lover alike.

9) New Orleans

New OrleansĀ is one of the most unique cities in the USA,New Orleans is widely known for its French Creole culture, cuisine,and architecture as well as jazz music the annual Mardi gras celebration situated in southeastern Louisiana, it is the largest city and major US seaport.

10) Chicago

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States.Chicago nickname in other words the windy city , City of big shoulders in the second City the white City and the City that work.Chicago widely famous for jaw dropping architecture,vibrant music scene, amazing food especially deep dish pizza and iconic neighbourhoods.





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