Goa Beaches

goa beaches

Goa Beaches, Goa is a dream destination of every Indian tourist. Goa famous for beaches. A goa trip is incomplete without visiting its beaches.Goa beaches are among the best beaches of India.Goa divided into two parts i.e. North Goa and South Goa.

Palolem Beach
First of all,  in South Goa the most famous beach is “Palolem Beach” which is located 30Km away from the airport from here the coastline of Karnataka starts. If you want to escape from the hustle bustle of north goa’s beaches. So, Palolem Beach is perfect for you. You will find many foreign tourists here. They come here to experience peace and calmness. Palolem Beach is situated on the border of Goa and Karnataka.Distance located 30 Km away from the airport. Polelem beach is spread across 700 meters length. You can come here for a leisure trip. You can come to Palolem Beach to have fun time. This beach is far from the city center, thus it’s not as crowded as North goa’s beaches. And this is a place where most of the foreign tourists come to this beach. You can rent a Kayak for just 300 rupees for 30 mins here. It is open from 6Am to 10Pm. The entry is free.

Goa Beaches

Butterfly Beach

The most important beach of South Goa is Butterfly Beach. It is 25 km away from the dabolim airport and is in North of palolem beach. It is a semi circular beach which is very small. You need to Trek to reach here, this beach has got golden sand and a serene environment. Butterfly Beach is one the peaceful beach of South Goa. If you want to spend quality time with peace you can visit here. This beach has special feature  you will find rocks on both sides of beach, you can do rock climbing here and you will find two attractions near this like from this beach you can go to Hanuman Beach by boat. If you are looking for an adventure while exploring the beaches, then you can visit the Butterfly Beach, but your vehicle won’t reach till the beach, you need to trek to reach this beach. Because there’s no road for vehicles to the reach there.

Goa Beaches

Colva Beach
Colva beach is one of longest beach of Goa. It is also most popular beach of South Goa. You can perform many water sports activities like Jet Ski, Paragliding, Banana Boat etc. This is commercial beach which has many food stalls and stores around them. Colva beach is one of the most visited beach of Goa. Being the largest beach of South Goa it attracts lots of tourists towards it. Here you will find great restaurants and beach cafe’s near this beach. You will also find here the best seafood. You can do a lot of shopping around this beach. You can buy accessories, souvenirs, bags jewellery for yourself. This beach open throughout the day, the entry is free of cost.

Goa Beaches

Baga Beach
The Baga Beach is most happening which of Goa.This beach hosts  most number of parties in Goa. Baga Beach includes in most expensive and happening which of Goa. If you want to dine  and party at a beach you  is meant for you. Titos Lane is located near Baga Beach. If you are coming to Goa for the two or three days then you have to book your room near this beach. You can experience from here the real gist of Goa. Baga beach most popular beach of Goa. Most of tourists know about this amazing beach. The most happening street of Goa Tito’s lane is present here. All the big beach Cafes and party places are located here.You will often find people partying here.If you also like to party then you can come here and enjoy. This is also  makes it to the crowded beach of Goa. Timing of Baga Beach is open for Morning 6am to 10pm and the entry is free of cost.

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