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paris hotel booking

How to book Hotel in Paris, If you have come to visit Paris and are looking for a hotel to stay but you do not know how to find a hotel, then this information will help you.You can find all types of hotels in Paris.The 5 star hotel charges are around 400-500 Euros per night.5 – star hotels are very expensive in Paris. But if you want to book a budget friendly hotel for a family so you can get it for 100 -150 Euros per night, and if you want an even cheaper option than this for students or solo travelers or travel with friends you can easily find student hostels, homestay or Airbnb studios it will cost around 40-50 Euros per night. These are different types of hotels in Paris.

Now the question arises, which locality is best to book a hotel. Then visit the Paris map. Paris is divided into 6 zones. what we suggest is that if you book your hotel in the zone 1,2,or 3 then all the attractions will be easily accessible to you.If you get a hotel in the north side it will be a better option. You will find the main attractions of Paris in Central Paris. If your hotel is in Central Paris that will be the icing on the cake.

Although, Hotels in Central Paris are comparatively expensive. If you decide on the area, where you want to book hotels then it will ease the process of your Hotels booking. There are various Apps and websites to book hotels in Paris.If you know the area, where do you want to book your hotel. You can click any website like This is the best app for booking hotels. If you want to use this app, first of all, open the app then enter your destination,  Paris. Select your date and room details. For example you need 1 room for adult, then you click on the searched then comes up with various options the best option is St Christopher’s INN in  Paris. It is a hotel, which is perfect for 1 person. Simply click on this hotel, you can see the photos and location of this hostel on this App itself. You can also check the nearby hotels on the map and proceed by selecting the type of room and add your details for the reservation. If you feel hotels are expensive, you can stay in hostels and homestays. You can use the “Airbnb” App for budget stays. For booking hotels in Airbnb. First of all, open the app, Enter the Destination in our case it’s Paris. After entering the destination, we select our preferred date. For example you selected one room for one adult. Then Airbnb showed various staycations in different locations. For example if we select a place in Gare Du Nord then click on view details. You can see photos of the Airbnb you can also reserve the place on the same page, then add your details, confirm them and then proceed with the payment. One merit of the Airbnb App,if you are aware of the location it will be easier for you to book a homestay at cheap rates. But you have no idea of the location, you can go through the list suggested by Airbnb. You can see there suggested cheap hostels and homestays. This is how you can book your room in Airbnb. Now you are done with the hotel book by Airbnb.

In Paris, if we consider a 3-Days Itinerary, hotel expenses will be at Luxury hotels – Five  hundred Euros, for Normal Hotels expenses will be two hundred Euros and for hostels or Homestays expenses will be one hundred fifty Euros. To stay in a hotel in Paris, you can stay from expensive to cheap hotels.If you want to save your money then staying in a cheap hotel in Paris is also a good solution.

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