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Maldives Tourism : Best Travel Destination

Maldives Tour 2024 Maldives is a country formed with a groups of many islands in the Indian Ocean of Asian continent. Maldives capital is “Male” and whose economy largely depends on tourism. First of all, always try to book your flight in advance to get cheap flight fare for Maldives Tourism. For reaching Maldives you have to go “Male International Airport” and complete visa process. You don’t need of early visa process done. You can done it by visa on arrival. You can get flight from Mumbai or Delhi for reaching Maldives. There is visa on arrival for this you have to fill a travel declaration. In travel declaration what happens is that there is a link, you will go to the link which for immigration on Male Airport. You have to fill simply travel details. You will not be charged any fees for coming there and documentation. But you should have passport and flight return ticket, travel declaration and hotel booking details that’s it. You will get the facility of currency exchange at airport of Maldives. Maldives currency “Maldivian Rufiyaa” use there or you can convert only money needed for travel from airport to hotel. Because you can see there exchange cost rate higher whereas you can exchange rest of money in “Male Market”. Dollars also accepted Maldives. You can stay in the Hulhumale area for reaching taxi fare which is taxi cost around 7 dollar. If you want to get a SIM card, then you will see there counter outside the airport. You will get 17 GB for $ 35 with 30 days validity and 100 GB for $ 50 and 100 GB router included.

Maldives Tourism 2024


 Special in Maldives Tourism 2024

The most special thing in Maldives is the  “Water Villa”. Maldives is specially famous for Luxury Water villa. These are on private islands and to reach there you will get transportation from the airport only. Travelling with Travel agency is always give you benifits because when you do the complete booking you will get discount and yours booking becomes cheaper also. You can go to resort only by Speed boat or Sea Plane. Speed boat is available according to your timing but for the resort you should leave at 9.00 in the morning only so that you have to spend more time in the resort. After reaching Maldives and done welcome drink, your check in process takes place.At Maldives Tourism 2024 The check- time of resort Water Villa is at 2.00 pm but you get the freedom to roam around the entire resort. Carry enough cash with yourself and some international credit card also work Maldives. Dollar also work and Maldivian Rufiyaa will also work, it depends on what you want to keep and also discuss this matter with the agent. Free Wifi facility is available in resort.


How to Spend Full day in Maldives

Maldives Tour
Maldives Tour

The checking that happens there is at 2.00 in the afternoon, so can come early before that and you can go to pool in Maldives and have lunch there comfortably. In lunch will get vegetarian food like varities of fruits, sandwich,  fruits cakes and salads also. Veg and non – veg food are different there. You can have your lunch with open view.  Only casual dress allowed in restaurant. Water Villa cost will be fourty to fifty thousand in Indian rupees per night for two two adults and these rates can be even higher in the season. In maldives you can take a room of any category there you will get free access to that pool. Swim suit is mandatory in swimming area without swim suit you can’t enter into pool. Always try to book resort in advance. Because rates increase during season. You can also stay in beach villa which is for minimum and low- budget traveller. You will also get many water sports activities in the resort packages.  In Maldives tourism Like you have to pay $ 240 for scuba and for snorkeling you have to pay $ 168. For body massage experience will be $ 433. The resort also has Gym and Gaming area as well. You can spend your romantic time at the beach at any time onMaldives Tourism 2024 . In Maldives there are thousands of resorts built on private Islands. For refreshing your life you should have to travel Maldives once in a life and it will give you a great experience.


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