Mumbai India

Mumbai India

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Japan Trip

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Bhutan Tour India

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Bhutan Tour is one of best and cheapest country in India.Bhutan is also called as “Switzerland of Asia”.

Important Tips Before go to Bhutan

  • You either need the passport or Voter Id Card
  • You need to hire a Guide while entering the Butan
  • You can cross the Border via Road
  • You can use Indian currency too there but not all denomination
  • Don’t underestimate Tiger Nest Monastery Trek
  • Don’t miss Bhutan Famous Ema Dasthi
  • Entry charges high at Punakha Dzong & Tiger Nest but it’s worth to visit there

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Amazing Fact about Bhutan

  • Bhutan has no Traffic Light
  • It is land of Thunder Dragon
  • Bhutan is the only carbon negative coountry in the world
  • It is covered by 70% trees
  • Tobacco banned in Bhutan

       Best month to visit Bhutan is between March to November .The weather of Bhutan remains very beautiful and cool during these months. Popular Bhutan package for 4 Night/5 days is 32000/- If you want to get away from your daily routine, then Bhutan is a great idea.

The crime rate in Bhutan is very low because they live in living happy and belive in peaceful life.The people of Bhutan have been maintaining their traditions,culture and religion for many years.

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Buddhism is the main religion of Bhutan’s people.

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